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IFC Membership Benefits

By joining and becoming a member of the International Friends Club (IFC) you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Connecting with a diverse group of 130+ International women from approximately 40 countries and being a part of a social network for women in New Jersey and the New York area.

  • The opportunity to foster cultural understanding, form social and lifelong ties with other members of the group, and provide and share mutual experiences.

  • Enjoy monthly coffee mornings, (Sept – Nov and Jan – May included in membership) as well as two annual luncheons (Dec and Jun, extra costs apply), to meet new friends, catch up with existing ones, and enjoy presenters and speakers from a wide range of fields and organizations.

  • The opportunity to take part in numerous Activities and Interest Groups with the ability to join any or all of them.

  • The opportunity to volunteer to be a member of the Board of Directors and play an important part in the running of the Club.

  • The IFC Monthly Newsletter (August through May) to keep you informed of all the Activities, Outings and Coffee Morning venues and presenter details, updates on charities, members' birthdays, bulletin board, and more!

  • Membership Directory so you can keep in touch with all the other members.


Your $40 membership fee provides and is used towards:

  • Tea, coffee, crockery, silverware, coffee maker, milk, and other supplies/equipment for our monthly coffee mornings.

  • Coffee Morning hostess gifts/flowers.

  • Presenter/Speaker fees at our Monthly Coffee Mornings.

  • Print supplies, printing, and mailing of our Membership Directory which is updated annually.

  • Publicity materials which include: business cards, and brochures.

  • Publicity fees to local distribution publications etc.

  • Subsidies (to cost per head) to members who attend our Annual Holiday Luncheon in December, and our Annual AGM Luncheon in June.

  • Decoration expenses for Holiday and AGM Luncheons:  table centerpieces, member gifts, etc.

  • Website/domain fees.

  • Flowers for leaving Board members, and all Activity & Interest Leaders, that are presented at the AGM Luncheon.

  • Charitable Donations: KIVA; World Vision; 2-3 other charities during the season.

  • IFC signs.

  • Other expenses as needed.

  • Zoom subscription.


It is worth noting that the IFC is run solely by IFC member volunteers who volunteer to be on the Board of Directors and/or are Activity and Interest Group Leaders enabling us to keep membership fees at a minimum.

Members are responsible for paying extra expenses for outings, trips, restaurant bills, book purchases, etc., and other costs involved as stated by the Activity Leaders. 

The Holiday and AGM Luncheon is charged to members to cover the cost of lunch and drinks but is subsidized by the IFC to keep costs down for members.


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