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Our Board of Directors

The International Friends Club is directed by a Board of Directors composed currently of 9 members, who volunteer their time to lead and organize the club and ensure that all the By-laws, rules and regulations are followed.

The Board is elected and voted in each year at our Annual AGM by members who are present.

Current officers include a President, two Vice-Presidnets, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Membership Director, a Charities Director, a Newsletter editor, a Charities Director, and two Monthly Trip Coordinators. 

Each Board Member serves for a minimum of 2 years, and can be re-elected for further years in the same or different board positions. They attend monthly board meetiings, usually held after each monthly Coffee Morning.

All IFC members are eligible to become a member of the board.

Board for 2023-2024  


Sally Davies

Vice Presidents

Carol Kieffer, Iris Luo


Kerstin Malmstrom

Membership Director

Lucy Webber


Leslie Silver

Newsletter Editor

Sara Brown

Charities Director

Ailsa Ferguson

Trip Coordinators

Lorraine Pires

Website & Social Media/Assistant Newsletter Editor

Laavanya Pasupuleti

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