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The IFC is committed to donating to charitable intstitutions both locally and internationally.  

A Message from our Charity Coordinator:


Dear members:


Our Charity arm is still in fledgling stage and we are trying to be more cognizant of smaller and local needs while keeping all of our membership involved. We would like to solicit your thoughts and ideas on this, and if there are causes that are near and dear to your heart, or that you may have a personal connection to, or female causes that you are aware of, please email . We hope to support different causes through the year.




Thank you for your generous donations of school supplies last month, it was truly appreciated. We would like to emphasize that participation in any of our giving is entirely optional, and can be done as convenient or remembered. Thanks also to members who suggested S.H.I.P. (Somerset Hills Interim Program) and JWBS (Jersey Battered Women’s Shelter) and another charity in Morristown. Please keep the ideas coming! Thank you for your support!


We gave $25 to a Kiva participant (Salome) who is studying to be a lawyer, in Tbilsi, Georgia. She is a low-income student and is trying to better her life and her daughter's. It completed her request for this semester. We still have over $210 credit with Kiva (from repaid loans) and I will continue to look for worthy recipients


Have you heard of Burkina Faso? This tiny nation, located in the heart of West Africa, has one of the highest fertility rates in the world. The average Burkinabe woman has six children. Its capital – one of the oldest cities on Earth – is Ouagadougou—and even has a U.S. embassy there. Other cities are quaintly named Bobo-Dioulasso, Gorom-Gorom, Bouroum-Bouroum, you get the drift….Our latest microfinance loan was to three Burkinabe female soap makers, seen left, and our small $25 loan helped them reach their goal.

For more information on KIVA and how the organiization and charity work click this link:

World Vision - Mihret Chuchu


The IFC has always been committed to supporting local charities.  We invite local charities to our Coffee Mornings to give presentations about their charity and the IFC donates to the organization either as a financial contribution or by way of donation of items that are needed and requestd by that charity.

Local charities that the IFC have supported over the years include:

Dress for Success, NJ


Interfaith Pantry

Toys for Tots



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