international women club new jersey

IFC Information

The International Friends' Club (IFC) was created in 1996 by Lisa Berg. The IFC is a club for foreign national women currently residing in the United States and American women who have lived internationally.


The club's purpose is to foster cultural understanding, form social ties within the international community and provide a place to share mutual experiences.


Our goal is the enrichment of our lives through the sharing of various experiences and traditions, by providing a social network to women in the New Jersey/New York area.


We presently have in the region of 120 + members, who come from many different areas of the world including:


Argentina                       Hungary                    Pakistan              

Austria                            India                          Puerto Rico             

Australia                         Indonesia                 Singapore               

Canada                           Ireland                      South Africa                      

China                              Italy                           Spain                    

Colombia                       Japan                         Sweden                   

Czech Republic             Malaysia                   Switzerland                

Finland                           Mexico                      UK                

France                            New Zealand            USA                      

Germany                       Nicaragua                 Zimbabwe